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A Week Without Regrets - Day 2: Lyrics/Quotes


*just barely makes it in before the timer goes off* Made it for the first day! Woo! I’m proud of myself. XD I’m sooo sorry that this isn’t a finished and nicely clean picture. I hope everyone will still like my quickly done sketch. X’D Took 10 minutes doing it up and it shows badly. X’D But, it is done and I am happy to be part of ASL week~ I love these three SO much! Oh, and this was based off of a joke/play on words with my mistaking Sabo for a General(having a Luffy moment) so, I thought up this silly situation. XD I hope you enjoy!


Crowd at an Of Mice & Men show

(please don’t delete this caption, for the sake of context)


Josuke Higashikata


A Week Without Regrets - Day 1: General
A Week Without Regrets / Day 1: GENERAL